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Draconic Range

Ice-covered mountains that stretch to the depths of the north.

The "dragon-lord"; "Frag the Scion of Hex-Tank" has taken up residence in the depths of a little canyon in the Draconic Range. Before I showed up bearing the seal of Moldatun's temple to Hex-Tank, he has bore his understanding of the gods as omniscient, yet could not manage a simple conversation about the barest tenents of the deity he claims to have received patronage from...   While I had thought I was going to the Highlands to have discussions on the paramounce of keeping religion inherent to society, I have been forestalled by the strands of fate and will be acting as a missionary till such time as Frag represents Hex-Tank as a valid follower and shows those under his rule the truth of the Pantheon.   Give my best wishes to the congregations that were to hear my portions of the discussions.   ~Vachel Beckwith
— Records of the Highland Conglomeration
  From the Moldatun and the erstwhile mountains of Everfrost beyond the strait, cutting a sharp line down the eastern coast of the Devout Monarchy of Renai towards the Feng Mountains and terminating just shy of Lake Eske, separated from the Fengs by the canyons forged by the rushing waters of the Moldatun River. The Range holds as many secrets as it does mines and shafts carved into the frozen mountaintops.   Truly, the Draconic Range is not unlike the Fengs in that countless people see it as a land to drop a shaft into it in search of golden veins to build golden halls out of, and fine stone to pave their paths with. Even most of the small cities in this region are little more than glorified outposts for the mines themselves. Reasons for families to stay in the area with the workers and to have a happier group of people. Following those folks are the ones who are interested in selling to the families, but that doesn’t drag any great amount of industry to the region outside of the mines themselves.   Due to much of the region being under the technical domain of the many Frost Giants that roam The Interior below, Airships travel is rare, companies only taking the risk after getting assurances from both the Council of the Draconic Range and a number of Frost Giants that the dragons had been culled or restrained enough to assure a safe traverse through the clouds that doesn’t end with ruptured cells and Bulette Powder-fueled explosions.   Due to the difficulty of getting this assurance, Train travel has been a massive boon to the region. People traveling from the Remniscent Monarchy of SosIwa to Moldatun or most any other region had to take their routes through the Draconic Range due to how the engineers expanded the designs and connections of the railways.   In the older mines whose veins have been long exhausted, there are wide arrays of old dragons that have sworn their claw to Renai and the Draconic Councils as to not be destroyed. They function within the boundaries of careful treaties and battles that abide by the word of the law over the intent, always seeking to get their edge over the various rules set upon them. However, should one of the dragons break their loyalty or the codes they have been bound by, they are exterminated.   Generally, the Draconic Duo are never even involved in this process; the rest of the dragons and treaty-bearers preferring to cull their own with extreme prejudice over bringing the law into the mix. Many still establish their own small courts of mortals that are filled with native tribes. They offer protections against their brethren for the sacrifice of food and animals, directing the worship to the gods they’d prefer their favor to be granted by.   The tribes and groups often elevate their dragon-lords to the level of Brodray Champion of Garma” or Pursir Faithful of Firn”, believing them to be sent from their gods and to be the ultimate embodiment of their will. This does make the region a popular crossing for many of the missionaries flocking to and from Moldatun. All seeking to make certain that the words, practices and beliefs of the dragons align with the deities they represent to these groups.  


The Draconic Range is around half the size and double the age of the Kravmaw range at 1141 miles long with a fair divot reaching into the Feng Mountains themselves. These mountains are much older and have been inhabited by various types of dragons since the peaks of the mountains pierced the sky like the Fengs do now.

Flora and Fauna

Dragons and Giants are common in this Region.  

Natural Resources

Mines, large mines and vast material exports via land travel.
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Rail Mountains
Mountain Range
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Where are these quotes from?

  This portion of the Records of the Highland Conglomeration were collected from the selections found in the 1060's conference and seem to be explaining the reason a noted speaker wouldn't be attending.

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