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Council of the Draconic Range

The Draconic Council of the Draconic Range

The Draconic Range has been ruled by the powerful beholder Ademal the Allseeing since before the landing of the Fourth Fleet. A steady presence far from the draconic courts of Brodray and Pursir, but not lacking in power. The Beholder keeps the Draconic Range pristine and functional as well as watching over the Frost Shield and The Interior for aberrant behaviors great enough for him to intervene and martial the forces of the council, this hasn’t been needed in many years.
  The rest of the council consists of 8 members of varying backgrounds, from liches that chose to stand in the council over The Lichdom to vampires that decided that the Plane of Vacuum wasn’t for them, to dragons always interested in more power and a giant seeking to curb that in any manner necessary. A motley, strange crew that has known each other and acted as a single group without an influx of new members in 300 years, with the most recent addition of Beset Dragons.
  However, the watch of the draconic council on the dangers of the mortal plane is a minimal portion of their duties. Indeed, the Council of the Draconic Range interacts heavily with the leadership of Renai, KravMaw and SosIwa, commenting on matters of importance and aiding comprehend the acts and viewpoints of the deities as well as dealing with deals that border the extra-planar.
  Of the members, only Ademal stays in their fortress high up in the peaks of the Draconic Range, most other members only return to the fortress during times of serious distress or discussion, preferring to spend their times elsewhere.

Beset Dragons

Beset Dragons is a Storm Giant that is a leader of various Giant Tribes in the Northern wastes of Renai and the Feng Mountains. She has immense pull in the various tribes and spends her time with them and dealing with wild dragons that dare to impeach upon Giant territory.
  She is an accomplished mage with the fury of the storms of her ancestors running through her veins.

Elena Wildfire

Elena Wildfire is an ancient gold dragon that once sought to burn the @frost to the ground and beseige @renai for her own ability to rule, then she was recruited by a slightly saner Ademal and a number of allies that turned her to their side.
  She know is favored by the draconic duo and often offers direction in the place of those leaders of Renai to members of city governments on various matters. She is a finely tuned weapon, that lacks finesse but can slice into most any creatures. Few are interested in dealing with her head to head.

Hand of the Second

Once an artificer revered across the lands, and envied by many, the human was taught by the toughest of Azer and ventured through the Plane of Fire to learn the secrets of the Forge until he could master them himself. As he approached death’s door and @armide came to greet him, he turned his back on mortality and accepted an offer of immortality from a number of his patrons in the Plane of Vacuum.
  After securing his freedom and immortality, he was recruited to the Draconic Councils to aid in the creation of artifacts that could fill the magic item vaults of the various nations.


Barron was a halfling member of the @revenge that was elected mid-session due to a number of deaths on the council that off-balanced things. Invested in the worship of his ancestors, Barron saw the appointment as a great boon, but saw his future coming to a close before he could fulfill his assignment, so he recruited a number of Vacuum Royalty to turn him so he could fulfill his purpose and honor his ancestors.
  After his time in the court came to an end, he joined the upper ranks of Renai society and found him called higher until he was appointed to the council of the Draconic Range by the Draconic Duo.


One of the less virtuous members, Sai was one of the only members to seek out the council himself and barter with Ademal for entrance to the secret halls of the stronghold. Over many years, his persistence won out and he found himself in a vacated position that suited him well.

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