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Northern Temples of Giant Anchorites

Built Around Giants that want to dedicate their lives to Religion.

It was my first trip north with the Caelfoc as an Adult, long past were my days as a Wyrm. But, I'd only really been as far as Apal before, so the snows and everything were new. Everything was cold as if it was the dead of winter, but it had only been a few months since we left Apal, and it was spring then. Shouldn't it be summer?
  We'd stopped past Toft, it was a beautiful city. The skies were dark, but the lights and the people kept everything pretty. Some of the guys took me to the art streets and we had a good time. The people are as painted as the covers for their wines...
  But, we left that behind. Moving onwards towards that Interior climb. Where the temperatures drop even further and you can feel the Giant's Sighs. It was lucky that we saw the storm in time. Those billowing clouds that marched in a line, dropping vast tons of ice and giving us so very few places to hide.
  But the Ancient we had with us knew his ways and took us straight to a towering temple that he said was ancient and could stand the test of any storm. The Acolytes within greeted us and made us warm. It was then that I realized, that a terrible thing. Occupied the center of this holy room. A massive frost giant, with a beard coated in frost, sat in the middle of this fine temple.
  If I hadn't have passed out then, I think my actions might have caused a wrinkle in our plans... Some information is definitely needed before we do things like that again.
— Notes of a Wandering Caelfoc.

  Sprinkled like stardust across the The Coast of Lights, The Interior, the Draconic Range and the entirety of the Frost Shield are little chapels and monasteries, places of written word. Places where religion is first and foremost to those who claim residence. So extreme is the conviction that these souls hold, that they have removed themselves from the life of the cities and keep to themselves.
  Each and every one is covered in bookshelves with theological reasonings and learnings and revelations. And every one knows that their time is limited, so each is built around a keeper of sorts. Indeed, a temple in the north is only built if a Frost Giant can be found. As each temple is ran by a Frost Giant Anchorite, or one who has given their life to the preservation of knowledge in a temple. Thus the temple is designed to allow the Giant Access to a majority of the building, as well as affording a minimal amount of room for movement and stretching of the giant, should they need it.
  In most arrangements, the Anchorite acts as the ultimate adviser to the priests of the temple, not necessarily in charge, but someone, that without their approval, the temple won't function anymore. (And, even more likely, won't exist without.)

Usual Design

The temples generally are built to 4 or 5 stories with a single massive internal room that has access to each and every floor that affords the giant room to stand, and the top is almost always an observational dome that the entirety of the night sky can be seen from. Each floor has various rooms and purposes that vary wildly between different giants and construction methods.

Owned By

The construction of the Northern Temples are funded by the government of Renai as a pursuit of theological knowledge and importance. However, the ownership comes down to a shared point between the specific church that backed the construction and the Giant that carved out the territory where it was constructed.
Alternative Names
Frost Temples, Giant Residences, Guarded Observatories
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location

Where are these quotes from?

  Notes of a wandering Caelfoc was written in the early 600s by an anonymous member of the caelfoc union describing his advancement through the organization. Some modern literary theorists believe that the work is actually an amalgamation of various stories from the Caelfoc, due to some dates and events not lining up as well as the book states.

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