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Renai Revenge Squads

The Military arm of the Renai Revenge Court.

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Renai Revenge Squads are the military arm of the Renai Revenge Court, which is a branch of the Devout Monarchy of Renai.   The Revenge Squads act with total impunity in all lands across Ithungsida. Damages, complaints and other points are referred to the Revenge Court.



The Renai Revenge Squads are a large formation of Soldiers that are projected to be roughly ten thousand strong.


The Renai Revenge Squads vary in their use of vehicles; from large troop airships, to general cavalry, they generally use what is most beneficial to their current mission.


The Renai Revenge Squads are typically numbered 2 active squads to each member of the Renai Revenge Court. Reaching anywhere from 28 squads to almost 200 in the 9th session.   The vast number of the members in the Revenge Squads are pilots, blacksmiths and other support staff.


Due to their consistent respect and capacity across Ithungsida, a revenge squad generally takes full advantage of local resources to seek out and destroy or apprehend marked targets.


All members of the Renai Revenge Squads go through training in Toft for 3-6 years before being approved for active service.



There has been criticism among the elite of Renai on the consistent funding of the Renai Revenge Squad, however, the payment is pulled directly from the Renai Revenge Court funds and is not reported on in size or amount.


Recruitment is focused on citizens of Devout Monarchy of Renai, generally through the public schools and getting youth interested in working with the city guard.   Potential members are made note of and approached after they have been out of schooling for a number of years, generally those that have entered law enforcement to some degree are approached in much greater numbers.


Historical loyalties

The Renai Revenge Squads are explicitly loyal to the Renai Revenge Court and the Devout Monarchy of Renai.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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