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Armide, the Shattered Sunrise

God of Bugs, pestilence, Death, Nature, Summer, and the Sun.

Magic and life swirl hand in hand, immersed in the liquid that covers this land. Of DraKaise of the wise of the lies of the lives. Where we see the secrets laid and let the knowledge rise.   The power that quells empty desires, the logic that seeks and admires. Where the souls go when the corpse is all that remains. What the flesh that is eaten by the bugs can retain.   What is natural, right and pure. The simplest actions of rot and decomposure.   What can be more real than the life and death of millions in mere months as their season comes and goes, their lives governed by the same flow. The magic of life, the magic of death, all constrained by that same ephemeral liquid.
  Armide reigned over the domain of death. He was the first and final arbiter in the scales of the afterlife, seeking balance and seeding decay to allow the world to grow anew. His very essence is often associated with bugs and pestilence, and those of his followers that walk under his banner and mutter his name are known to see them as necessities. Some take it to the point of taking offence at the wholesale slaughter civilization often undertakes to rid themselves of bugs.   There are no rumors or myths of origin for Armide, merely acknowledgements of his existence and importance. Because he, unlike any other member of the Giant’s Pantheon, doesn’t rely or represent facets of mortal understandings. Instead he is constant and represents the same. In his hands are life and death in perfect balance, his heart and mind acting as a scale for all the realms. His eyes always watching over the secrets of nature and making only the slightest adjustments to retain the order that he seeks. Because of his innate purview of these facets, he is also seen as a master of the Arcane. His eyes are all-seeing and his mind is full of those same secrets. Thus he must be aware of all the magics that are relevant to his domains. The power to heal, the power to kill. The power to return the breath of life to a corpse, with or without that same intelligence it once had.   While the The Raven has established a significant bias against the raising of the undead in the years since the death of Armide, his own thoughts on the topic have always been inconsequential. In fact, his followers often made use of those techniques, bending the undeath of the world to their whims. These weren’t always formed as armies; in fact, the Sentient Workers Union was formed to combat lifeless work crews of golem and undeath that Kandmar the Kind had flooded KravMaw with in an attempt to raise the standard of living. Yet the Queen retains a hatred unmatched and has driven the majority of those practices underground, to places that only those with ill intentions are likely to find them.   At the same time, Armide has always held the natural world to the highest standard. With his revival, this has not changed. Over the last decade, forest fires and rot plagues have swept across the Frost Shield and Forests of Uuku alike, the guardians of those massive sanctuaries of nature left helpless to prevent or stop these disasters. However, in the wake of this destruction, new life grows vibrantly. Armide sees the balance and holds the lands to his own standards, with or without mortal input.    


When Armide fell in the Funeral March the news traveled instantly. With the mass accumulation of forces from across Ithungsida and their dispersal upon the destruction of Old Araetule, countless witnessed the death of a god. Any organizations that held Armide as a patron were sent reeling with his death, his guidance and goals being lost in such a fashion, while the honor of their patronage being scorned by those that refuse to consort with those that worship "False Deities".   With the revival of Armide, the few organizations that have survived are antsy and worried. If he is lost again, could they repeat their survival?


There is a divide between those that worship Armide now, and those who used to worship Armide. There are still many of the older generations of Elves and Dwarves that hold a spot for Armide. It is even thought that a group of Arctele are the ones that successfully revived him. The newest generations are beginning to raise his name in prayer, however, the middlings that make up most of the population have no regard for the fallen god. The Raven struck him down and took his throne, and to many, that means he is not worthy of respect. Thus the difficulty becomes sussing out who might be a worshiper and who might not.  

Mortal Representation

  An ancient Human who nature has not been kind to. His skin, almost transparent, bones nearly visible, veins engorged and everpresent, hair receding and white. Eyes, empty.  

Divine Symbol

  Armide is most often represented by a stylized sunrise peeking up over the tops of a forest, some more sinister representations have figures lurking in the shadows or the outline of spider legs against the tops of the trees.  
Nature calls. It's voice is strong. Yet our values hold that it is wrong. For death has been learned to be a thing to fear. And Armide can only accept those that can call it here.
— Priest of Armide.


Armide acknowledges those that can see the balance of nature and call it for what it is. Those that can kill the innocent to protect an ecosystem. That can see the reasons why a horrible thing must survive.
Arcana, Death, Life and Nature.
    Armide's Thoughts of Other Deities
Firn, the Chilled Halfling: Firn makes communities, those within die.   Chando Meywa, the Distant Locus: Chando explores worlds where people die. Often times those that seek her out die.   Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf: Karan goes to places where most people who go there, die.   MeyGana, Roar of the Sea: Meygana helps stop travellers from dying, but kills people with storms.   The Raven Queen, Courier of Souls: The… The. The Queen helps the dead go to where they belloong.   Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring: Plospryn doesn’t think about death.  
  Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade: Rahz is death, he brings about, revels in, and celebrates death.   Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth: Garma helps those before they die.   Rogalev, the Human Adventurer: Rogalev builds cradles of death.   MasToch, the Dwarven Flame: MasToch Celebrates everything that leads to death.   Hextank, Ascendant: HexTank is the cause of my death. Or was Death. Is?
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Dec 7, 2018 14:42 by R. Dylon Elder

I love that everything he thinks of other gods relates to "die" I chuckled a bit and its a nice touch to show the domain really leaking through the personality of the god. I also love that the domains are so out of place. Summer and the sun are seldom combined with death and that's very creative, though the article doesn't really talk about why that is so. It's a minor thing but I personally would want to know what summer and the sun has thst connects with death. I guess what im most wanting to know is why those domains lol

Dec 8, 2018 01:00 by Dejers Garth

Summer brings bugs, bugs find decay. Winter puts into stasis all that would remain. Winter is frozen and lack of energy, but summer is when the world finds it's motion. Armide is the Death of summer and the death of winter, but he prefers that death which has meaning and contributes.   A death in the arctic only to be buried away and frozen for the future is a waste. There is no return to the natural order of things and winter is just a prolonging of what is needed. Only summer truly unleashes the true potential of pestilence and decay.

Dec 8, 2018 01:22 by R. Dylon Elder

Ohhhh see that's my bad, i never notice he was a nature god as well which makes that all make sense. Death as it fits in the natural order. Thanks for expanding and its an awesome deity.

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