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The long-bodied winged creatures of the air.

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When the end of the rainbow crashes into the sea, one can see all the colors of the Giant's favored beasts.   From the glorious hues cradled by the sky, to those glassy colors that transform the light.   The righteous are transformed, those that love their creators. But those who see themselves as scorned have reduced themselves to instincts of their baser.   When the two intersect at the rainbow and sea, one can see the way they are meant to be.   For the hideous truth of the dragon's creation, was that they were formed to become the ultimate abomination.   Their forms stretched and DraKaise imbued. To become a being so great as the wretched snake, a complicated tool only fit to be used.
— Dragon's cry of Creation
  > Quote > Text > Description > Colors > Life Cycle   The ultimate predators, beings that are said to be made purely of magic, Dragons walk the earth of Ithungsida and pollute the skies with flames. But the chants of the ancient Elves say that it wasn't always this way.   No, in the time before the third age and the creation of Arydia, the giants had less control. Twice they destroyed their attempts at creating the world and maintaining it. Before they set about Creating the Knotted Snake part of their creation of the Snake included finding the best form for it to take, so before the dawn of the third world, they created Dragons.   Some dragons viewed this to have been manipulative of the giants and they instead identified with the new creation that had been wrapped around Arydia as a way to keep the giants from destroying it, the The Knotted Snake. These differences have grown in the species and marked as a large divide between the so called "Chromatic" and "Metallic".  



Life Cycles

  Dragons are known to have 4 main stages of growth that all progress through after hatching. (A progression replicated within some organizations like the Caelfoc Union) These are the Wyrmlings, Youth, Adult and Ancient.  

Born in Eggs

Born in eggs the size of anvils and fed a constant stream of DraKaise, from even before their birth, dragon are meant to be something special. They are also usually tempered in the environments that their colors have found most suitable before hatching into a Wyrmling.  


  Wyrmlings quickly grow to the size of a man and are usually as intelligent as one.


Young Dragons outgrow horses after only a few years, this is the most dangerous time for a dragon.


Adult Dragons have no defined range of age, but are assumed have lived decades or centuries. They are usually the size of a small house.


The Ancient Dragons are assumed to have lived for centuries at a minimum. They are often the size of small mountains or castles.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

In modern times, most Dragons are under the head of the Draconic Councils and remain within the main mountain ranges: Forkmaw Range, Feng Mountains, Mountains of Vhaskus, and Draconic Range.

Where are these quotes from?

  The Dragon's cry of Creation was recorded by the initial Dwarven settlers as they roamed the new land of Ithungsida and persuaded Humans to part with the land's secrets.   More modern interpretations have ridiculed the translation, but the cry remains in circulation via stories and bards.
Genetic Descendants

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