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Creation of the Knotted Snake/Dragons

In the forgotten past, before the now that is and after the was that could have been, two souls did meet in the lands of stars.   Knowing that which is to be alone, the two met, discussed, wanting not to part. Not Worth, Endurance of Loneliness. However, not like one the other was. Thoughts, beings, different. Opposites not that hold.   Twice they broke, fleeing dark. Away, loneliness. They return to avoid alone. On third time of meet. They forge a brook. A third of peace. To keep break. To null pain. It stayed it's hold, they stayed whole.   Third soul to forge from stars the not alone. Away from alone, yet none are well. All are different. The Stars are vast, but numbered in the sky.   Not in the now that is, but in the soon that will be, the stars fade. And when no more, break peace.
— Ancient Elven Myth


The Giants created the worlds

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