I've got scales, teeth and can breathe fire. What do you have?

The city was burning, but the beast was dead.   The villagers with their bows, the Sexdactyl knights with their blades and the cowering townsfolk that were now coming out from their homes and ruined portions of their city. The body of that slain creature had smashed through several homes and was now burning in a pyre that lit up the night in the same way the dragon had cast it's visage with lightning. No matter, now that the beast was dead, it was time to rebuild.   Yet the fire was still growing. It was changing, the flames dancing and vibrant colors forcing their ways to the surface. And the building was groaning, the timbers inside clearly nearing the point of collapse. The villagers and knights gathering to pour water around the burning husk to stop the spread of flames.   Then, they stopped to see the embers being thrust out of the flames by forces from within. The screams and fleeing as the corpse of the dragon gave way to scaled monstrosities that strode out of the flames like demons from some inhospitable hell. The knights standing aside to let these newborn warriors pass. Not even those under the command of the Sexdactyl would fight creatures that were forged in the funeral pyre of dragons without a reason.
— Sexdactyl Stories; tales of the Queen's Knights
  Dragonborn are tall, towering over most mortal races at 18 hands or higher and often weighing more than a draft horse. While at a distance you could mistake them for a Human, their distinct scales and elongated skulls are easily noticeable at most distances. These scales give them a natural shield from physical attacks and cause their martial prowess to be emphasized when dueling in a melee capacity.   However powerful and distinct from the other mortal races they might be, their influence is offset by their extreme rarity. The Dragonborn exists as the echo of a Dragon's potential DraKaise. When the scales fall into and are consumed by a purifying flame, the DraKaise reforges the scales into a being that can carry the inherent DraKaise to it's culmination. Because of this almost artificial upbringing, many do not consider a dragonborn to be a creature that is truly alive. Likening them instead to magical golems; like warforged or warped elementals. Beasts that claim no true animus or spark of DraKaise.  

Forged from Scales

  A dragonborn can be birthed in a number of different ways, but the mechanism remains the same in all cases. An accumulation of mature Dragon Scales are burned together. When they are subjected to an intense enough heat to ignite they begin to fuel the reaction and the fire grows in size and fury.   Typically the fire will change to the color of the dragonborn that is being formed. This color is often directly related to the color of the dragon to whom the scales formerly belonged, however, rituals and the environment surrounding the flame can also influence the color. In all cases, the dragonborn that steps out of the flames does so as a fully wrought blade. They do not experience a time of youth and increasing maturity or anything that could be likened to a 'childhood'.   Instead, from the moment of their birth, they are poised for battle and war. Eternally bound to the compulsions of their innate DraKaise; they oft find themselves pulled through enemies and danger toward the potential of fortune and the promise of fate.

Legacy of DraKaise

  As a species, Dragons are recognized as inherently magical creatures. Every member of their species being capable of summoning gouts of elemental magic as well as being able to command the waves of DraKaise to spin reality towards their bidding.   These capabilities are not lost to Dragonborn. In fact, the majority find the basic warping of DraKaise to be instinctual. Many retaining the capacity for wielding elemental magics while the race as a whole holds a high propensity for the likelihood of accurate and precise magic use on par with the natural capacity of Elves.   This makes them highly sought after by groups of interest that deal with dangerous environments or combat. This is such an integral part of public perception of the species that they are automatically assumed to already be affiliated with similar groups and are often granted privileges or are treated differently due to those associations.
The dark mage laughed a dark laugh as the watching pool showed the adventurers making their way into the inner sanctum. They had fallen for the oldest trap in the scrolls. The foremost of the party tripped the obvious wire and they all jumped as the room lit up with flames encircling the walls and filling the dozen braziers that were hoisted over the party. As the party relaxed they began to explore the inner sanctum.   The mage laughed a cruel laugh and rolled a finger across the pool and the image faded as the room began to flash black and white and the braziers tumbled down onto the party.
— Penultimate issue of "Sandy Troubles"
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
18-23 Hands tall

Where do these quotes come from?

  Sexdactyl Stories; tales of the Queen's Knights are dramatized stories written and released in groups of six that detail the efforts of the Sexdactyl Knights to keep order in KravMaw when dealing with extra-natural foes.   Sandy Troubles is a popular newspaper serial in Araetule and Kannak that stars a number of errant heroes saving the world one city and disaster at a time, it has been said that it seems to copy/make fun of reported incidents that the The DraKaise Battalion and Renai Revenge Court undertake.

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