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Forkmaw Range

The Longest Mountain Range, From the Fengs through the Highlands.

Theln Jurieous of the Draconic Council of the ForkMaw Range invites the residents of LowHill to welcome him with a feast as he finds the landscapes that they have claimed and righted their towns within to be within his domain. As such, things must be discussed and found in terms of knowing what type of relationship will be held between Theln and LowHill.   Many thanks for your reception of this message.   Recommended Feast foods include: 4 Roasted Boar, 29 Flayed Chickens, 59 Bulette Eggs, or 8 standard rolls of Cheese carved with his likeness.
— Araetule Immigrant Entrance Records
  These mountains stand as a natural break in the progression of foot traffic, holding within them countless dangers of man and beast alike that cause caution to be of the utmost importance when approaching. As such, this range has been a natural border for various kingdoms that occupy these lands. From the first expansion of Forkmaw as Hongden pressed through the range and into Vhaskus’s lands. To the Elves driving Hongden back in turn.   It has become somewhat of the dividing line between KravMaw , Forkden, Araetule and Uuku . The mountains themselves are heavily wooded, often steep with uncharted gullies and runoffs, and populated by denizens of the shadier sort. Those that help cross borders, those that traffic illegal slaves and those that see the range as the perfect arteries for crimes, utilizing some of the Modern Railways that stretch to Forkden.   This doesn’t even take into account the many creatures attracted to the area by the presence of more powerful beings like dragons and beholders that make portions of the mountain range their home. With this region being such a flux-point of technological progress and areas that are continually growing their civilized nature, the countless migrational patterns of beast that have not yet adapted are a part of nature. Such as the frantic rush of beasts in the Southern Floodlands that evacuate lower ground for the relative safety of the mountains ahead of the summer floods.   In modern times, these issues are, if anything, exacerbated by the near-constant transit of migrants from the ever-growing population of KravMaw. This is a common place for small towns and villages that bear little allegiance to anyone but themselves.  


The Forkmaw Range stretches from the Feng Mountains to the very edge of the Highlands. With large amounts of people settling nearby only to realize years later that they settled in range of a dragon who only recently woke up.   In fact, the Forkmaw Range is known to have more Dragons than it should be able to support, this is attributed to staggered times of hibernation that keep dragons from routinely running into each other.

Flora and Fauna

ForkMaw Range is known to have a higher than average population of Dragons and Giants sprinkled through the Mountain range. Every new generation trying to carve out an empire and lair of its own and small communities of giants maintain checks on the overreach of dragons.   Many small villages founded by desperate migrants linger through this area. A good percentage of these find themselves beset by demands from tyrannical beasts that claim they own the area.

Natural Resources

The Forkmaw Range is covered in Mines as the hills are rich in mineral resources. While gold, copper and diamond mines aren't explicitly common, stone mines populate the hills as the local population seeks out areas for mining marble and other high quality stone.
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Where are these quotes from?

  Araetule Immigrant Entrance Records provided this snippet of proof gathered from a group of flustered peasants seeking permission to settle in Araetule after being threatened by the leader of their local Draconic Council

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