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Islands of Esplorzeni

The Vast Unexplored Island Chain of the South.

The best point of departure to Esplorzeni is Baku or Cliffpass, both have trips that make the run down to Izala, one of the larger cities in the Esplorzeni. It's recommended to have a bevy of languages and resources at your disposal once you arrive, it's said that foreigners aren't greeted with any sort of interest outside of Izala, so you'll be expected to survive on your own, without any major thoughts of help from the locals.   It's assumed that you can build your reputation once you arrive, but it's unlikely anything will precede you, that's just how out of the way the Esplorzeni are. They don't listen for news of the mainland, and they don't care.
— Adventurer's Guide to Esplorzeni; Surviving your first year
  To the south of the Southern Floodlands, beyond the Alma Bay are the vast Islands of Esplorzeni. This chain of islands reaches between the fingers of the Wasat and Alma Peninsulas, but also stretches deep into the most southern reaches of the Vhaskus Ocean. With various areas known only in myth and legend, the islands remain in contact with the rest of Ithungsida by the efforts only the most adventurous and brave captains that make the long trips to the habitable portions of the islands.   For they are all aligned far below Forkden and many are swallowed completely by the yearly floods. The habitable areas here are either the tallest points on mountains or islands with natural defenses of unknown origins. Some of these methods are known to those that reside in the floodlands, such as floating houses and high walls; others are… More "unique".   With stories told of flying islands, magical barriers powered by local gods that have fallen from the stars, cults dedicated to the sinking of entire islands for their own to be spared and more. However, it is rare that anyone heads in the direction of the islands without a purpose. The stories told may be exaggerations, and stories are bound to misrepresent situations after being told over and over again, but there must be a seed of truth buried within them somewhere.   And that seed gathers DraKaise around it and spares no mercy for those stricken by it. Adventurers often catch the few rides going in that direction to seek out the unknown treasures and secrets hidden beneath the waves or tucked into chests guarded by small gods of the south. Others seek the so called gods themselves, to discover their secrets.  


The Island chain has a number of Volcanoes that seem to have seeded most of the islands, but the overall area is mostly uncharted.  

Flora and Fauna

It is said the Sahuagin that impose on Alma Bay are local to this region, however, this is also not proven.

Natural Resources

No known resources are common in these islands outside of the potential export of native goods and magical resources.
Alternative Name(s)
Esplorzeni, The Southern Isles, Floodbroken Sands
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  The Adventurer's Guide to Esplorzeni; Surviving your first year is a book written and distributed amongst the cities of the southern coast of Ithungsida, written for adventurers, dreamers and drakaise-stricken that see the islands as a challenge over the death trap they really are.

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