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Black Feng Mountains

The dark mountains of the southern fengs, with oases of life amidst the burnt rock.

Take a dive!   With the best exploration outfit this side of the Fengs, you can explore the Black Caves! We have truce’s with most of the rulers of these areas and can even get you into the Crystalis Ravine to see the beautiful crystal work therein.   Come find your destiny in the depths of the Black Caves!
— The Lone Oak Society
The Black Feng Mountains are named this for the harsh black terrain that makes the hills look like they are recovering from a huge forest fire that wiped the majority of life from the peaks and valleys of the mountains. This color is from the natural type of diorite that dominates the mountain range and tinges the mountain black from all but the closest of distances.   Life in the black mountains are reduced to oasis groves of brilliant green trees and flowers that persist despite their surroundings, but the majority of the mountains remain lifeless and bare.

Flora and Fauna

Distinct in that anything that departs from the oasis’s must be prepared for the long haul, the animals and plants of the Black Fengs are balanced in careful food webs that sometimes depart from the usual thought of how they should act. With a number of the environments being warped around the presence of dominant predators or magical resources that bend the acceptability of the food web.


The mountains are large and treacherous, with many valleys and peaks clawing at the sky. With the establishment of Modern Trains routes through the Black Fengs, many survey teams discovered large networks of caverns inhabited by dragons and other apex predators that harvest many of the nearby food webs. This has caused issues with weaker stone causing the collapse of train tracks, but most have been checked for safety.

Natural Resources

Resources in the Black Fengs are few in number. However, many SosIwan mines have been established to dig into the mineral rich depths. As well, many spelunking groups have been working to explore and map the many tunnel systems below.
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South Feng Mountains
Mountain Range
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  The Lone Oak Society is a spelunking group that seeks to follow Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf's example and to find the riches and treasures buried in the caves below the earth. They are based out of the Black Feng Mountains, but also sponsor trips throughout the Feng Mountains.

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