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Creation of Bulette Powder

The Secrets...Revealed?

The Secrets of the Powder, I've got it! So, a bullette is slaughtered, blood drained and body roasted over the open flame until skin and innards are but distant memories.   Then you apply the mixture of Flumph Gas to let it mix Do Not apply the mixture before smashing the weakened bones and carapace like so.   Doing so causes a premature detonation. This Is Not Advised. Fill a clear glass barrel with the powdered bulette, then allow the flumph gas to settle. Set them out in the daylight to allow the heat to grow and then bring them in to cool.   Repeat this process until the gas has absorbed completely and the powder is no longer powder, but a brick of solid matter.   Finally, shatter the glass with a burst of thunder and if done right, the powder will fall into hard chunks that are ripe to be ground in a mortar and used as fuel and use. If done wrong, you start over and scream about how life and the gods hate you.   Now that I understand the process, how does Kanak do this so efficiently?!
— Journals of the mad tinker, Marsh Of the Salt Fields.

Creation of Bulette Powder

  Since Rexa Thedas sparked the revolution in technology with the application of Bulette Powder to new horizons, the creation of this formula has been kept a national secret of Kanak. Spies of KravMaw extracted the formula and quickly opened shop in Wetroot distilling and providing the same substance. However, many claim that the two have quite different qualities.  

The Secret

What abominable pricks, they laughed in my face when I told them I had their secret formula. They use something other than Flumph Gas?! What in Arydia could they use? Where do they have these secrets?!
— Journals of the mad tinker, Marsh Of the Salt Fields.
  Charbroiled Bulette, ground with ██████ and ████ ███ ██████ ██████ ███████████████████████ in ███████████████████████████████████████████ and the █████████████████   Finally, take █████████ and ████ then ████████████████████████████████


Trains, Airships, and guns that Gunslingers use are powered by Bulette Powder
Access & Availability
Use is widespread, formula and creation is a closely held secret.
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Where did these quotes come from?

  The Journals of the mad tinker, Marsh Of the Salt Fields were recovered from the site of an explosion in one of the many Bulette powder stations in Kanak.

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