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Bulette Eggs

Delicious, whether from a bulbaby or a fully grown landshark.

Cracked over a fire, a hot slab, a cast iron skillet or cooked with no cracking by a mage of some fashion. No matter, the bulette comes out as tough and tasty as ever. With strong meat and hefty weight, the majority of these are shared by a family for a single meal.
— Tastes of Ithungsida
  Bulettes are a common site across the many lands of Ithungsida. That statement might shock you, however it isn't quite in the manner you are thinking. For to encounter one of these terrifying beasts in their true nature is a rare thing indeed, but to see their descendents pruned and kempt to a fine small thing that outputs eggs like no other is a common sight indeed.   I speak of course, of the Bulbaby. That little thing is a not so distant relative of a bulette, and it's eggs are a delicacy I'm sure you are aware of. Cooked in any number of ways, they are a staple of the lands culinary pursuits.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
1/2 lb
3 inches
Base Price
10 copper

Where are these quotes from?

  The Tastes of Ithungsida is a well known cookbook used by many people across the lands!

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