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The Blue-Eyed people of the sunken portions of Ithungsida.

Glowing eyes are the curse of those that betrayed their own and worked for the oppressors that sought to destroy all that is and has ever been. Their bodies and lives are but flawed memories of the atrocities their ancestors committed with the sinking of the south and the work did at Drumond.
  The cities of Forkden hide their secrets even as they retake the landscapes and the leaderships that they do not deserve. An Alluvian is better in the ground than they are to be trusted.
  Know the history, know your mind, know the truth that they want to keep you from finding.
— Secrets of the Ancients

  In modern times, the majority of the population of the Floodlands, the Highlands and even some of the western portions of the Islands of Esplorzeni are repatriated Alluvians. They maintain a rich and diverse culture depending on the roots of their familial histories, but maintain a number of similarities between various members of the ethnicity.
  Alluvians are more likely to be found in leadership roles, no matter where they are found to be living. From administrative roles in parts of Toft to being a major part of the ruling class of Araetule; Alluvians have been found in every direction fulfilling leadership roles one wouldn't think they should be able to attain.

Ancient Rulers

In times before the Fourth Fleet of Iwa, the Southern Floodlands were known to be a flush and vibrant landscape filled with small kingdoms and cities that ancient Humans built and ruled over for millennia.
  The war with Vhaskus culminated in the destruction of said landscape, the hills and plains were cleared and cut into valleys and craters that fell to the level of the Sea of Hearts in many places. This catastrophic event is said to have been what cause MerGus to stay the hand of his pet demigod. After all, what better a resource to remove evidence of a history than a people that can remove entire regions from existence.
  While a vast amount of Alluvians were sequestered into the Dytikan Coast with the rest of humanity to act as a reminder of their former glory, many more are said to have signed on under Vhaskus as he studied the remnants of their ancient secrets and enlisted their aid in ruling the landscape that their predecessors had destroyed.
  Since the landing of the fourth fleet, the Alluvians have been some of the greatest advocates for resettling and reclaiming the lost lands of the floodlands, with most cities and settlements in Forkden being filled with a majority of Alluvians.
General Phenotypes

  Alluvian hair is typically darker, with a variety of shades from dark black through brown to a fair brunette. Their heights vary wildly with no real average to be found. They are known for having the highest incidence of blue eyes, with 9 out of 10 Alluvians possessing those pale blue orbs.
  When asked to describe an Alluvian, the majority of people will describe a woman as having long brown hair, striking blue eyes and beige skin that nearly matches their hair. Other details vary, but the base picture remains very much the same no matter the actual description necessary.

  Alluvians are some of the strongest proponents of lesser used languages. While Dwarven may be an accepted language in most circumstances, generally an Alluvian will learn any language that reflects an identity that stands apart from SosIwa. They are also one of the few groups that still actively speak Orcish.
  Because of this unique Linguistic respect, the vast majority of Alluvians are known to be polyglots that can speak three or more languages with ease. This makes them natural diplomats that often find themselves in leadership positions in areas with multiple conflicting communities.


Coming of Age

When a young Alluvian comes of age, they are expected to be able to debate an adult with deft accuracy in at least two languages. This is often a public debate that the youth has been prepared for for years.
  The Debate is rarely the point of contention. Instead the way in which the youth carries themselves, makes their points and argues their side of the debate are heavily critiqued by community and familial leaders. It is said that if you win your debate then you are guaranteed a successful and prosperous career! Those that have fallen from prominence are said to have failed their debates in their youth, showing a weakness of character and force of will.

Where are these quotes from?

  The Secrets of the Ancients is a small collection of Pamphlets spread throughout Araetule and Kravmaw every few years when an Alluvian moves into any position of power. While the initial author of these pamphlets is unknown, the modern printings are often carried out by the least assuming of the populace.   Generally these pamphlets are widely ignored due to a complete lack of proof or realistic issues with the election and appointment of the vast majority of people.

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