Praetori Legatus

An Ancient Adventuring Party and leaders of the DraKaise Battalion.

The Praetori Legatus consist of five members; Jogranel HelShed, Elene Starborn, Talshe’n Lonoden, Taman Ravenhorn and Cyrus Ambrose. They were an adventuring group founded by Jogranel HelShed as he sought out the final portions of the “Eldreth Velruuthra” a group of elvish terrorists.   After finishing their objective, the group dispersed for many years. Until Jogranel HelShed summoned them once more to help him reforge the crippled @DraKaise Battalion.  

Jogranel Helshed


Elene Starborn


Talshe’n Lonoden

Elf. Deceased.  

Taman Ravenhorn


Cyrus Ambrose

Subsidiary Organizations


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5 Dec, 2018 09:44

Oooh I can't wait to hear some tales from their past adventures!

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