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Strange Tinkery Halfling Folk.

The trusty obstetrix must be prepared when aiding a mothering Halfling. Her body will be small, but not frail. Her emotions frazzled and her birth difficult. Recite the words of Firn for breaking the bond of mother and child and prepare thyself.   A well-turned obstetrix knows no birth is a duplicate, every one unique. Obstetrix aiding halflings must know the curse. The oddity that changes the circumstances.   Every fifth babe comes out different. They are small, with taught skin and fragile bones that mock their mother. The babe is not normal, and a wise obstetrix will declare it dead at birth. The mothering Halfling has no rational discourse when presented with a babe so afflicted and the knowledge of it's existence will merely rile her passions.   After she has accepted the loss of child, take the babe to the nearest conclave and leave it.
— Obstetrician's Notes
  Diminutive, Fragile, Cloistered; these words cleanly describe this odd race of Halfling children. While they are Halfling by blood, one couldn't tell it from looking. Gnomes are small with angular features reminiscent of goblin-folk. Their bodies have less hair and their eyes are sharper. A keen curiosity pervades this species as well as a cultural disdain for their forebears.   They tend to take after human gods like Rogalev and Hextank in their worship, but many withdraw from spiritual pursuits preferring an Agnostic approach that allows them to focus on their chosen fields. A gnomish conclave can be found within a stone's throw of any sizable halfling settlement. Due to this, the gnome remains a constant in Renai as a member of government and those that deal with the minutiae of politics.  

Small People

Like Halflings, Gnomes are minute. Smaller even than Halflings, they fit easily through most small spaces and their conclaves are often built like warrens. Made to make even other small races uncomfortable through sheer claustrophobia. Gnomes tend to eat what is necessary, ignoring the wanton luxury of Halflings while striving to make their mark on the world.

Tinkery People

They are smart. Their brains finely tuned to deal with the odd workings of machines and situations new to them. They thrive in the heat of conflict, designing war machines alongside Goblinoids or dealing with the internal complexities of Airships and Trains. The luck of their parents seems to remain with them, making having a gnome on your side be a good omen for success.

Halfling Organizations

Gnomish Conclaves
Conclaves are found across Ithungsida, with more than can be easily counted. Usually these conclaves act as a foster home for abandoned gnomes, as well as being active and welcoming community centers for those same gnomes as they grow and mature.
Gnomish Universities
Gnomes closely align with the values of human nations like Araetule. This is often taken to the point of human schools and places of learning having a sizable portion of Gnomish instructors. Some even peg affected universities as being Gnomish in nature.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
200-700 Years
Average Height
2-2.5 feet tall.
Average Weight
20-30 Pounds.

Where are these quotes from?

  Obstetrician's Notes. is an old manuscript passed between midwives through the years. While it was purportedly written by a single Obstetrix, it has clearly been updated with notes over the years. In fact, if you find two copies of the notes, the chance of the information being identical is non-existent. Most of the information will be localized to areas or species.

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Jun 29, 2020 15:06 by R. Dylon Elder

So, I'm not a fan of gnomes, but that oppening quote hooked me quick. It made me want to keep reading. Excellent job theren. This feels so much more unique compared to other takes on it, a species separated by the appearance rather than their genetics. The bit about the conclaves are particularly interesting, almost like leper colonies in alot of ways.

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