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Blood Sails

Small, Fast, Brutally Efficient.   Steel, Glass, made to Carve and Rend.   YenWai, the Water getting warm.   Blood Sails, hiding below the storm.   YenWai, the Water getting warm.   Scream, Smash; Brick, Stone and Mortar.   Final Clash, Regal Sail Division.   Blood Sails, calm in the eye of the storm.
— Terrors of the Sea
  The Izalans have always been masters of the sea, with MeyGana holding a primary place in the Empire's pantheon. This is shown by their modern sailor focused culture, their ancient records of countless sea-based battles, and the myths that surround their war with Vhaskus. Of those myths, the most prominent and widespread would have to be that of the Blood Sails.   The Blood Sails were the last resort of the Izalans after Vhaskus's YenWai stunted their naval superiority. With their ability to evade the Orcish Barges reduced to almost nothing, the Izalans delved into the darkest depths of DraKaise and fashioned a breed of monsters unlike anything the world had seen before or has seen since. Blood Sails are described as indestructible steel and glass shells manned by a single pilot. These Blood Sails ravaged the coasts and drove the Orcs off the seas, forcing Vhaskus to shelter on land.   However, the act of creating such vile magic-powered vehicles drove Izala and her empire to anarchy. Many attribute this fall directly to the consequences of the creation of the Blood Sails.  

Blood-Strewn Seas

Blood Sails have been blamed for many a disaster over the last thousand years. From the sinking of barges, to the destruction of the City-Ships, any sea-bound calamity is likely to cause mention of the fabled ships. Those same people say that the Sails are still roaming the seas, hunting for the remnant's of Vhaskus's Armies, still trying to win a war that has long since reached it's end.

Sailors Fears

Of all the people that hawk these theories, Sailors tend to hold the myth of Blood Sails in high regard. A ship will ride the next wave all the way into port at the mere sighting of a red light hanging under the horizon. Every Sailor knows someone that has seen a Blood Sail, and every sailor knows that such a sighting is an omen of the worst kind.
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