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The Discovery Ceremony {WASC 2021}

It is well understood that any fairy can use any core. However, certain elemental types of cores are more likely to be used with specific fairies than others. Each fairy is born with an innate elemental type. While it is possible to guess at the elemental type based on the fairy's birth date and location of birth, it is the discovery ceremony that is the most definitive process for determining the fairy's elemental type. In addition, it also determines the blessed animal that the fairy is most fond of.

The fairy initiate has been trained in the education of cores and magic the first years of their life. Upon their 16th birthday, their elementary education of the faity has been completed. This discovery ceremony is a part of the graduation from elementary school and the rite of passage into adulthood. The candidate is taken into a room with a wide variety of charged cores. They are a variety of animals and elemental types. It is difficult to identify the animal or the element from the core itself; they have records of what is available within this room.

The graduate goes through the room and "feels" their way through the different displays of crystals. These may or may not react to the graduate as they walked through. Multiple cores may respond by a simple hand wave of the child over the cores. These cores that react are removed from the displays and placed on a central rostrum; with the first round of elimination taken care of, those administering the ceremony step in and begin to guide the graduate through the next phase.

This is an opportunity for the graduate to demonstrate some of the things they have learned in theory during school but have not yet had the opportunity to practice.

The ceremony officiated judge the efficacy of the magic being performed by the graduate compared with using the different crystals before them. Through this process, they can identify the type of magic they are most likely to use and the animal preference they want.

Upon the selection process, a core of similar elemental type and animal is presented as a graduation gift. This becomes the student's first core.


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