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The Presentation

The Presentation

This quick scene represents your character's presentation to the prince or elder authority by you and your sire. This event gives an opportunity for you to impress the prince, your clan, your sire and the gathered members of the court. The minimum expectations are for you to know your name and bloodline, as well as the Traditions, anything else is a bonus. Many a sire have looked their progeny in the eye an entoned these important words, "... and don't step on your !@#$..."
  In most cases we know the outcome of these scenes being the items selected on your character sheet however the details or journey is more important than the destination. These scene are meant to connect your character to these choices and the setting. Bonus Experience Points will be gained and important occurrences noted and connected to your character for the future. Friends may be gained as well as life long enemies.   See also ...   Your character will have three skill tests for their entrance, presentation and wrapup. The skill and attribute combinations are your choice. Please explain your presentation including your name and the traditions. The creative use of Merits, Specialties, and Skill Tricks are encouraged. The use of Dissciplines are used with caution as they tend to go really well or really poorly. You will receive your Clan Path rating as an enhancement. Your character has one day to prepare.  
Example Social Skill Tests
  • Etiquette through Culture + Manipulation
  • Politics through Humanities + Intellect
  • Moving speech through Persuasion + Presence
  • Calm exit through Composure + Leadership
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