Evide Min

The Evide Min a comming of age cermony in the Yenari Empire celebrated by the Tern and Yenarian peoples. The ceremony happens once every four days in the 15th Ides of the day and is a celebration of the youth of 20-24 days aligning thier gender aspects with Samins aspects. After a the cemoney a young Yenarian man or woman is expected to take on the responsiblities of ones gender.


The Evide Min has its historical roots in the Evide celebration of the Tern Tribes. The tribes had a similar celbration for thier youth of 20-24 days old. The timing of the celbration in the 15th Ides of the day comes from the Tern tribes. Generally this was considered a scared time when the sun from the perspective of the pool of Eath's reflection sets behind the Gran Pillar. However, Tern celebration was about youth accepting and embracing thier gender identiy, whereas the Evide Min is about accepting ones gender responsiblities determined by ones sex.


The celebration happens in the afternoon of the day, as the temperature begins to cool and the sun is low in the sky. Since it happens in the 15th Ides the celebration can overlap with Saminset and when it does it is consdiered extra lucky.


The celebration begins with a feast of epic proportions, the newly harvested crops are cooked into a epic feast to start the celebrations. The next step of the celebrations is a large competion where every youth in the celebration must participate in the contests displaying skills appropriate to thier gender. The cermony ends with a church service where the youth read aloud the sections of the Granith relating to the duty, and sacrifice required of ones gender.   While the practice of using Stiffler juice to induce a Coslum Samin halucination is restricted to Thrye Priestesses, there is a tradition amoung the preadolecent girls to obtain stiffler juice and go on Coslum Samin vision quest. Many Tern and Yenarian women say that the vision was the most spiritual moment of thier entire life.
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