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Ceremony of Becoming a Citizen

The Tepe Minshigrai Yatsere, (pron. teh'peh mihn'shee'grah'ee yah'tseh'reh), literally The Ceremony of Becoming a Citizen, is a ritual that all children in Eoion go through upon reaching their seventeeth birthday.   While the current legal age of adulthood in the empire is twenty, it was traditionally seventeen, starting from before the empire formed. The age was raised to be uniform with the conquered kingdoms, one of the few laws that was changed.   Long hair and the ornamentation that adorns it is highly important in Eoin culture. Such things, along with the intricate braided patterns of the hair, dictate a great deal about a citizen's social status, wealth, and other details. As such, the ritual involves the creation of a new hair ornament. The child will spend the six months (which represent the six essences) making an ornament for themselves. Materials used depend on the wealth of the family, but various amounts of gold are often used, even if this is only a small string. Copper is an acceptable substitute. Jewels, intricate metalwork, beads, and other details are often seen in wealthier families.   It is acceptable for the child to have help, such as to learn skills they would otherwise not have. However, the final product must be the child's own work. Often, these ornaments will end up being a simple stick style with a bead, jewel, or string of gold/copper at the tip. Some make a ring with chains hanging from it, while others prefer to have clips, clasps, or other designs. The final design is not important, only that it be a hair ornament of some sort and that the child design and make it.   On the night of their seventeenth birthday, there will be a celebration with friends and family. The child will arrive last dressed in their finest clothing. In front of the guests, they will reveal their new ornament and place it in their hair. After this, the party continues and the child is considered an adult by tradition.   Once the ceremony is complete, the hair piece is placed in a special location of the person's choosing and worn each year on their birthday.

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