The Elusive Spell of the Unstable Dream

To the Nightlanders their devotion to the Goddess Renaulty is above all others. To this end when a nightlander comes of age they undergo the ritual of The Elusive Spell of the Unstable Dream. This vision quest is used to speak with the goddess and get her approval to become a member of the people. The blossoming youth will go to the nearest temple to perform this coming-of-age ritual. Those that die during the ritual are considered rejected in the goddess' eyes.


This rite dates back to a time before the Crimson Concord. For over 22,000 years this ritual has been willingly partaken by the Nightlanders.


The ritual lasts for three straight days for the one coming of age. There are four different stages over the days.
  1. For the first 66 hours, they will sequester themselves into a private prayer chamber. There they will spend the time praying, meditating, and preparing their soul to meet the goddess.
  2. The next day is full of ritual cleansing and attunement of the flesh. During this time, they will rest as they are prayed over, washed, and anointed with oils by the temple whips.
  3. Stage three starts early in the morning on the day of birth. The maturing one will first perform a solo dance of their creation in front of all the temple's clergy and the fledgling's associated pods. This first dance is the manifestation of the body's willingness to achieve adulthood. Several other ritual dances follow that the others help perform or watch. This part lasts for about 10 hours.
  4. In The final stage, the temple's highest priestess places the youth upon the altar. Upon the altar she will strap them upon the altar while chanting the final prayers and asking for guidance from Renaulty. Once it is received, the priestess will use the Ink of Bane and the ritual tools to tattoo the subject. This venomous inking is painful and deadly. The poison causes hallucinations elevating them to higher consciousness. Before the piece is completed, the fledgling must achieve a meditative state to speak to the goddess. Once the tattoo is finished attending members will pray for them as they seek the goddess. Every person's journey is personal; if they awaken, they do so as adults.

Components and tools

Besides the temple itself there are a variety of oils that are used during the ceremony. The most important tools are the ritual tattoo tools and the Ink of Bane. The Ink of Bane is a magical ink made from powder Night Stone and venom of a Ash Viper.


The primary role is performed by the Temptress of the Night or the Mistress of Elegance in the capital. Some make a special pilgrimage to Krondron at the proper time so they may have the rite performed there.


At the time of their 25th birthday
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