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Dungar has been fraught with war from the principal civilizations since the beginning of thier long history. To accompany the warring peoples, The land itself seems to be at war with itself. The continents of the planet are splattered with many dormant and active volcanos. The capital city of Drakkar of the Bregritopia Empire found next to a semi-active volcano.   Most of the land of Dungar consists of deserts, volcanic badlands, tropical forests. Of course, do not forget the massive oceans of the world. We will delve deeper into each of the continents and oceans later.   Only the Southern pole is cold due to the abnormal wobble of the planet and the two suns orbits.   The Gods of this realm are very active and have made numerous appearances through the years that can be found scattered through all of history. The different intelligent races on the planet all worship the same set of gods. However, some races prefer certain deities to others even having different names at times.   We will start on the continent of Draqua that has a very unique feature to it.