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Maditon Academy Celebrations

Grand Finale!

Written by Endrise

As the students of Maditon Academy approach their final year, many celebrate the last few weeks to handle the stress of the final stretch. A week of celebration held by the scholars and students alike, using the knowledge they accumalated over the years of study to party.
Please refrain from casting dangerous spells within the school's boundaries. Last year's left wing is still in repair because of class 3-A's attempt at a 'fireball'.
— Principle of Maditon Academy

As the final year is near its end for many students at Maditon Academy, it is time to celebrate the last weeks. To avoid the stress of exams, a week of celebration occurs before the study period.

Amongst other schools, this would mean partying and drinking all the time. But in a class full of wizards with a knowledge of the arcane, they have their own ways of celebrating.

The Final Homerun


Before the celebrations begin, preparations happen around the academy, with students of the graduating classes helping alongside it. Between classes, the halls get decorated, students take their pictures and dorms prepare for a week of partying.

Knowing a lot of magic is going to happen, teachers activate some security wards. These avoid certain spells from getting cast, out of fear of a student might harm someone by accident.

Once everything is set up and the weekend passed by, the celebrations can begin.

Schools of Celebration

While most students follow multiple tracks of magic, there are patterns amongst the specific schools. People of similar classes usually have their own ways of celebrating.


Those studying abjuration often test their knowledge with extreme sports. Diving into lakes from high places and sledding down the edges of the city's crater. Though doing so ends in a few incidents every year, leading to bruises and broken bones.


Using their ability to create many things, a lot try to do a guessing games and conjure another’s idea as best as they can. Others hold parties with conjured food and drinks until intoxication kicks in. Most end up with splitting headaches the morning after.


Divination students sit back and hold at the start of the week a future prediction night. They try to predict the future of their friends and see what fate has in store for them. Then, people try to change that fate to the better by finding ways to circumvent it.

Often this ends in a few students going to their absolute extreme, with incidents following. Others end up forgetting it, leading to them falling right into the predictions.


Due to obvious reasons, enchantment classes are forbidden from using any of their spells during the celebrations. To compensate for this lack of spellcasting, they get to celebrate at the cafeteria with a luxury meal provided for free.


It’s common for evocation students to go to the outside practice sites and blow things up with their spells. Massive balls of fire and collateral damage, to see who makes the biggest boom. For obvious reasons, one can’t do these within the school borders.


Students like to impersonate the staff and teachers by disguising themselves as them to pull pranks on the other classes. Teachers often prepare code words between one another to be aware of who is an illusion and who is the real person.


Necromancy students like to partake in “skeleton wars”, animating bones to have battles between them. Often using smaller creatures for them, it is an arena-style match. Though many teachers dislike the practice because of the expenses and replacements needed for countless broken bones.


Transmutation students meanwhile partake in an art contest. They take simple materials like wood or stone and reshape them into statues. A few even take the designs they made and let someone else change them, reinterpreting their attempts in the progress. From it often comes some very chaotic ideas.

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