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Maditon Academy Celebrations

I advise all students to keep any evocation spells outside of the school boundaries and onto the evocation sites. We don't want to waste our budget repairing the left wing like last year now do we?

At the end of one's school life at Maditon Academy, many students like to celebrate before the finals come rolling in. For many this is lots of drinking, partying and overall just celebrating.

For others though, they like to use what they have been taught in magic and make fun customs and school traditions with them. Some teachers even join in on the fun, letting students do their stuff under supervision to avoid too much chaos from happening.

The celebrations by school


Abjuration wizards like to often be as destructive as evocation ones, which is why they often have "battles" with them on the practice sites. Such battles often involve just seeing how much they can fight off the damage from evocation spells, which is why many do end up with many bruises if untrained.


Conjurers like to just hang around and conjure up foods and drinks to celebrate, holding parties with others with large feasts to celebrate.


Divination students like to see how good they can try to go against the predictions of their fellow classmates. At the beginning of the week they try to read their futures, and from there it becomes an attempt to deny said fate. The one who succeeded the least has to do something for the others.


Due to too many incidents with Enchantment magic being mistreated during the celebrations, it's strictly prohibited. Instead, the academy offers students drinks and treats alongside some free tickets to the local spa.


Many evocation students like to go out to the practise sites of the school and just blow anything up that they seem fit. Others like to see how far they can make stuff blow up, leading to some rather impressive explosions going off.

However, due to some injuries that can happen because of this, all celebrations can only be done with supervision of a teacher.


Many Illusionists like to play pranks on both teachers and fellow students alike, often in the form of impersonating others. It's why it's adviced to the teachers to keep track of code words, to ensure that they aren't letting in students on any secrets.


Many students like to particpate in what is nicknamed the "Skeleton Wars". In short, many students like to take their study skeletons and dress them up in robes and sticks.

Then, they proceed to let the skeletons wack one another until the other one falls apart, often through a blow to the head or hitting it in the leg.

It's one of the least liked celebrations by teachers due to the costs of the skeletons at times.


Transmutation students like to mess around with turning certain objects or substances into others, often drinks being common. Due to some incidents though, it is ill-advsed as some damage has happened because of the pranks pulled.

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