The Hatching


Going back generations, the Molo'chorr of the Abyssal Chambers have been a brutal, deeply aggressive race beginning at birth. Due to the aggressive nature of the young, only the rookery tenders are present when a hatching begins. Upon hatching, the young, born fully grown, are sent on their first hunt to keep them from turning on one another for food. Often the newly hatched would clash with Vampyrum in the blood-stained Sanguine Theater. Those that survived and returned fed were taken into the clans and called brothers.    After The Celestial Calamity, when Siv and his Cult of Krio came to power, the hatching ritual was altered slightly. The newly hatched are first restrained and given a rune through the grafting of the Kriosyn Beatification Runes to ensure their absolute loyalty to Siv and his Sanguine Brotherhood. With Vampyrum prey now nearly absent from the chambers, the hatchlings are sent to the surface for their first hunt. This hunt also gives them an opportunity to learn how to control their newly imbued power.    Raids from the cult are still frequent in modern day with Siv's power base now consuming most of the Chambers.


At the first sign of hatching, the rookery is evacuated of all but the tenders and a passage leading directly to the Sanguine Theater is opened. A select group of elder hunters is then sent into the Theater to monitor the hunt and protect the passage from Vampyrum raids, but interfering is strictly forbidden and punishable by death. As the young break free of their shells, they are ushered into the passage and away from the clans. Once the last of the hatchlings are gone, the passage is then sealed and the young are forced to find their way home through the proper passageways.


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