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The Shadowfell

“The evil version of the woman I love killed me in the Shadowfell. Not my favourite place.”
  Visitors can access it in places of deep despair and desolation such as a site of an epic catastrophe. It can also be visited through planar magic or through forced teleportation. Though many creatures and beasts live within the Shadowfell, there are no rulers or settlements found there. Those that do live in the Shadowfell move often due to the despairing nature of the plane.   The Shadowfell feasts on the darkest parts of the mind and reflects it back into the environment. Any who visit soon find themselves under extreme pressure mentally. The dimensional plane breeds creatures of darkness, desolation and desperation. They will find any piece of hope in a visitor and attempt to tear it to shreds. There is only one known group of adventurers who have returned intact: The Beacons of Hope.   The Shadowfell was once believed to have been a pure reflection of the material plane. It is unclear how this happened though there are many stories surrounding it. Most Arrasgothians believe that a dark force that corrupted the Shadowfell. They believe that the corruption began from The Shining Citadel and spread out. It is believed that The Followers of the Veil were corrupted inside of the Citadel, becoming The Darkness.   The Shadowfell is not a place to visit for a holiday. Only those that need to will traverse into the plane and only out of utter necessity. Time works differently in the Shadowfell as well so what could seem like hours could be days in the material plane. If you are going to venture there, you need to be prepared mentally, spiritually and physically.
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