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#17 - The Forgotten Gods Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope quickly rushed to Maura's aid to try and rescue her from the shadowy monster that had opened her portal. They managed to defeat the creature enough to get her into the portal but not without Alfyn Weis almost losing his own shadow in the first place. They discovered that the only way to release the shadow and put it back in the person was for it to be beaten and reabsorbed by the person who lost it. Zephie told the group that she would meet them closer to the Citadel as she had to attend to some things herself and left the group.   The group, now minus Maura and Zephie, settled for a proper rest and woke up feeling refreshed but no calmer. Colour had started to drain out of their clothing too and they were starting to become paler and duller. Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu pointed out that he could see the Shining Citadel far away but knew the direction they needed to go.    After a few ours, they found a large creature, perhaps the fattest they had ever seen, full of bleeding scars and stitches, chatting to Zephie like an old friend. She introduced the creature to the party, known as Gorger. She explained that if he thinks people are entertaining enough, he'll let them through, or if they aren't, he will eat them. The group managed to find ways to entertain him and were allowed through, with Zephie staying behind to continue her talks.   As they continued on their journey towards the citadel, they found a large building in the distance that seemed to have colour in the window, a strange sight for The Shadowfell. Alfyn Weis and Freya Holliend felt almost drawn to this building and stepping inside as a group, they found themselves inside of what appeared to be a cathedral of some kind. Freya and Alfyn felt a longing to be closer to their gods who they could feel were less close to them in the Shadowfell.   The group were immediately hit with a wave of sadness as they full entered the building, with whispers of crying and apologies in their heads that seem to be to forgotten gods. The cathedral turned out to be a place of worship itself to all the gods who had been forgotten on the material plane. There are no ghosts in this place, merely bones and holy symbols of people who were perhaps drawn to this place too.   They struggled to leave but eventually all of them managed to get out of the forgotten cathedral and into the Shadowfell outside once again. Alfyn received another message from Brea, a panic one that things are getting dark in the material plane and that she didn't know how much longer they could go on.   The group offered for Alfyn to return home but he continued on with the group, finally reaching the peak of a small hill where they saw a deep cavern. In the cavern, they could already feel the overwhelming despair, desperation and desolation of whatever souls rested down there. They knew they were in the darkest part of the Shadowfell and could finally see The Shining Citadel.
Report Date
28 Oct 2020
Primary Location


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