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The Shining Citadel

“I’ve threatened an arch-devil in his own personal Demi-plane. That wasn’t scary. Not after The Shining Citadel. A structure made of the collected nightmares of generations, the home of hopelessness itself. Never again.”
  The Shining Citadel is a large, unnerving building that is in the hardest to reach part of The Shadowfell. Rumours on the material plane state that the citadel was once a place of hope within The Shadowfell. The citadel was corrupted over time and became a symbol of despair and destruction for The Shadowfell. The once white walls became black and crumbling. The walk along an iron bridge became a treacherous balance on a crumbling rope bridge.  
"What can I say? The place is a laugh a minute where even the undead go: "Bugger me, this is bleak!" An experience that could literally leave you in pieces."
  Inside of the citadel, there is two main floors though many others can be seen from the outside. The floors have multiple rooms with mental and physical traps. The traps are designed to bring even the strongest of warriors to their knees. Only one adventuring group has ventured into the Shining Citadel and returned alive. The group was The Beacons of Hope and many returned in critical states, both physically and mentally. Many believe that The Followers of the Veil were the people who corrupted the citadel. The Darkness, who were once the Followers of the Veil, have their permeant base inside of the citadel. No one is clear on whether this rumour is true, including those that have been inside of the citadel.  
"I don't think I'll ever visit a place quite as horrific as the Citadel for the rest of my years, and that's not factoring in the inhabitants and the mental strain it puts on you."
Founding Date
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
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