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The Darkness

The Darkness are the most feared cult in Arrasgoth that have been active since the time of The Ancient Dragons. They are a religious cult that believe that darkness should rise and take over the material plane. They are known for getting into the heads of their victims and it is unclear most of the time whether they are physical entity or an idea.


There is no known hierarchy within The Darkness as they appear to work as a collective, fuelled on their desire to cause misery and despair to the inhabitants of the material plane. It is presumed they may have a leader type but it is unclear whether they truly do.


The culture of the Darkness is somewhat of a mixture of things but there is a high amount of elven literature involved with them. Due to their start coming from the high elves known as The Followers of the Veil, a lot of their writing and interactions tend to involve the elven language in some way, though it is seen that they are able to speak multiple languages. Their core beliefs however stem from The Shadowfell and the complete despair that it brings with it. They spread this feeling amongst the citizens of Arrasgoth to bring them around to their line of thinking, or to make them suffer.

Public Agenda

The goals and motivations of the Darkness is to cause mayhem, destruction and unbelieveable despair to all they come into contact with. They have promised to all that have been in contact with them that the Darkness will rise.

The Darkness Will Rise

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names


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