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#18 - The Shining Citadel Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope found themselves at the edge of the long cavern that led to The Shining Citadel, along with their companion Zephie in tow. They attempted to cross the bridge and soon found themselves being bombarded with thoughts and visions to get them to jump off of the bridge and into the cavern underneath. Only Jebediah truly struggled and the thoughts continued to plague him as he continued into the Citadel.   The found the whole first floor covered in darkness and found creatures in the dark, Will O' Wisps who didn't harm them but seemed to cause some mischief. They found memories of adventurers who had been there before and sprung traps all over the floor and walls, messing with both their bodies and their minds.   They came into a room that contained a bunch of mirrors that ended with both Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu and Harlin Wyllt getting trapped inside. Emrys managed to use his echo ability to get out, but Harlin ended up being rescued by being smashed inside of the mirror. The resulting damage meant Harlin was at death's door and was sent through a portal, returning to the material plane to hopefully be saved.   The end room they entered contained something much darker, the dead bodies of their children, the orphans, asking them to save them, help them. Pushing through this mental barrier, they found the second set of steps that led down to the last and final layer of the Citadel.   The group continued on into the Citadel, finding more traps and creatures out to devour them. They entered a room with an altar that had four pendants on, courtesy of Harlin from the material plane. Jeb found the situation too much on his brain and broke his bracelet, going back to the material plane through his own portal.   Eventually the group reached the final part of the worst part of The Shadowfell, with two party members gone and only the three of them left along with Zephie. They found themselves face to face with the creature of shadows that had tried to take Maura before. It looked at Zephie, telling her she looked strong, and before the group had a chance to react, had taken her inside of it, possessing her completely.   The group fought hard, with Freya losing her shadow and going to down to almost near death. She was shoved through the portal and only Alfyn and Emrys remained. Emrys managed to get Freya's shadow back and seeing there was no chance to save Zephie without dying, the two made their way through their own portals and back to the material plane.
Report Date
04 Nov 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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