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#15 - The Parlay Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope were summoned from the various towns they had gone back to through a portal and arrived at the neutral meeting place for the parlay of the settlement leaders. They spoke to a few of the leaders before the main parlay began to discuss The Darkness.   Tilly Silveraxe was the first to address the scene on behalf of Cardnum due to her being the closest to knowing what happened in the mining caves other than the Beacons of Hope themselves and Ruthren the Reaper.  
“There has been a serious concern that is a threat to our continent. A cult has shown itself, calling themselves the Darkness, and that they are forcing our hand into a war. We need to show them we are united and they shall not bring us to fight each other. Freya Holliend and Harlin Wyllt are neutral to all parties present so will be making the final judgement on what happens for us next. Everyone will have their say. First to the floor, I will speak on behalf of Cardnum.”   “We feel that our best source of action is to wipe them out. We find out where this cult is hiding and kill them. We have no time or space for threats of this magnitude, and it needs to be neutralised. The cabal of Cardnum believe the only way to deal with this threat is destroy it.”
Tilly Silveraxe on behalf of Cardnum
  There were various murmurs among the crowd at this point as there seemed to be hesitation about straight up murdering the cult. The majority of the Beacons of Hope agreed that perhaps straight away contact might not be the wisest.  
“Whilst I agree this threat should be destroyed, what will this mean for those of us that are not fighters? I’m sure I don’t just speak for Hamlet on Casia Main when I say our money lies elsewhere. Will you drag us into this fight and cause us financial ruin? We need to make sure this fight is generating money.”
Lord Orion Winthrope on behalf of Hamlet on Casia Main
“Money is good, I agree, and we don’t want our people to be out of pocket, but also we need to consider the innocents. What if we are unable to deal with this threat straight away? Will they come and cause harm to our towns? We’ve already lost one of the leaders due to this cult, if that is to even be believed. Are we sure this cult even exists?”
Quinn Glorybluff on behalf of Egomont
“I think I can attest to that god damn cult existing. I lead Purgatory, the group that protects Egomont. They are a threat and they are going to do whatever they want to get this war going. I’m all for killing the lot of them, but this is exactly what they want, right? Us going to war.”
Ruthren the Reaper on behalf of Purgatory
“Well, yes. But if we do just let them do whatever they want, then surely that’s worse in the long run. Mind you, a few innocents being killed happens, war or not. Do we really need to start dealing with this straight away after one death?”
Lord Gauteron on behalf of Blossoming Sands
“What if it was your life, friend? Would you want us to just let it happen? Every life is important, and so we need to strike before any more fall. We need more information though. We need to know what this war will entail. What magic are they using?”
“I can be of assistance. I have met them before. I am much older than you all, and as you know, the fey wild works differently. These are no mere people, they are creatures from The Shadowfell. Able to distort the world around them. Even if we were to try and kill them, it would need to be by less traditional means.”
King Finch on behalf of Shimmering Grotto
“Which means, we need magic, right? We’ve got a mixture of brains and brawn here. Surely between us we can weave a bit of magic and a bit of muscle and beat them to a pulp. I’ve got boat loads of pirates just looking for an excuse. What about your tribe, Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu?”
Captain Bill on behalf of Peregrine Bay
  Emrys spoke on behalf of his tribe and explained that they were willing to house refugees but that they too planned to stay neutral in this situation.  
the problem is that, other than what King Finch said, and the whole information we got from Alfyn’s crew, we don’t have a massive amount to go on. We just know they want to start a war, and we have no idea why, or how.“I don’t know if I’m willing to put my people at risk for such an uncalculated situation.”
Entrydal on behalf of Cedar Wilds
“Agreed. We’re talking about sending people to fight an idea if anything. We can’t fight an idea. I don’t think my tribe want a part of it. We’re chasing smoke.”
Jaz on behalf of Barren Moor
“There have been many threats to Arrasgoth, long before some of you were even a thought. Clearly, the solution is already in front of us of how we deal with the threat.”
Nombu, Champion of the Blue in dragonborn form on behalf of the currently lost group, The Ancient Dragons
“I agree! We have already had a conversation with our people and we know the exact way we can deal with this!”
Kelston on behalf of Finder's Glen
“I think we all know that there’s only one way now. We send the best.”
Rudyard on behalf of Banshaw Edge
“I have to agree. We need more information before we can mobilise. We need our best to sort it. Our best of magic and muscle. And… well, that’s The Beacons of Hope. They are our best chance at finding out anything.”
Daelar Weis on behalf of Inham Farms
  Freya and Harlin were sent to discuss whether they should take up this quest and came to the agreement that they would find out about this cult to help Arrasgoth. After a discussion with the rest of the settlement leaders, they were taken to Banshaw Edge to enter a portal to The Shadowfell to find information of the cult.   Rudyard explained to them all that the Shadowfell was a dangerous place and they should be wary as it can turn even the strongest made with desolation and sorrow. He told them he would make bracelets for them to use to return to the material plane but once the bracelets were broken, they had to enter the portal or would potentially be stuck in the Shadowfell forever.   He wished them the best and sent them all through the portal into the Shadowfell, with Jebediah in tow. He told them that they needed to find The Shining Citadel which was where the darkest shadows were. When they arrived, they immediately felt the change in the world and knew they were no longer in the place they called home.   Venturing into the Shadowfell further, they came across an area that seemed to have a lot of ghosts, and a bunch of stone statues that came to life. They all turned on Jeb and he realised these were the people he did not save from being turned to stone. After a short battle, the group found themselves facing a slightly bigger threat - a Shadowfell version of Ruthren the Reaper, Alice and Dela.
Report Date
14 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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