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Tilly Silveraxe

"We have no time or space for threats of this magnitude, and it needs to be neutralised."
  Tilly Silveraxe is the leader of the abandoned city of dwarves, Cardnum and is the only remaining dwarf from there. She was one of the first people who's life was affected by The Darkness as her father was killed by a mine collapse that they had forced. She is a strong believer in defeating the Darkness and was a champion for The Beacons of Hope to help the continent fight back.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tilly was the only child of a dwarf mother and father, born in Cardnum and raised there to follow in her father's footsteps to become the next in the Silveraxe line to be in the council of dwarves that ran the city. She had always shown intelligence and compassion, ready and willing to take up the mantle.   When her father went missing in the mines, she tried to go after him and was stopped by the council from investigating. She contacted The Beacons of Hope to help her find him and rescue him, hoping nothing bad had befallen him. She was first on hand to learn of her father's death, and was first to speak at the Parlay of settlements.   She also contacted Inham Farms and specifically Daelar Weis when the plague of mercury poisoning attacked the city, killing everyone but herself inside of there. She moved to Inham Farms with the Beacons of Hope, joining the settlement until she can find another way to make a city of dwarves.
Current Location
Date of Birth
6th of Prinomili
Year of Birth
52 BTU 1054 Years old
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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