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Captain Gawain

Captain Gawain of the The Green Knight is one of the most famous pirates that sails the Arrasgoth seas. He sails under his own banner of 'The Green Knight' and his ship is named after his pirate band, but works in alliance with both Peregrine Bay and Purgatory. He was originally under the leadership of Captain Bill but has become his own faction over the last year due to the growing capital he has by taking over Prosperity Bay.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Captain Gawain was born in Peregrine Bay to a pirate mother and a civilian father. He knows very little about either of them, only that they were low ranking in both their respective fields and wanted very little to do with a child. He was left in the care of the pirates of Peregrine Bay and worked his way up to becoming Captain by working on a variety of different ships. Once he gained his own ship, he vowed that any that joined his ship would be part of his family as well as part of the pirate crew. He very much believed in the ideal that family is through bonds not blood.


Captain Gawain had no official education but learnt to read and write from various pirates in Peregrine Bay, as well as learning the tricks of the trade of the boats he sailed with. Everything else he learnt came from experiencing it first hand, trying and failing.
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
11th Tomideb
Year of Birth
30 BTU 1032 Years old
Owned Vehicles
Ruled Locations

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