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The Green Knight

The Green Knight is a commissioned pirate ship under the leadership of Captain Gawain . His crew are also known as The Green Knights. The Green Knight is a well kept pirate ship, often repainted and gelded in Prosperity Bay. It also goes for repairs at it's berth site of Peregrine Bay.   The Green Knight is the leader of it's fleet due to its elaborate decoration and ability to outrun any other ship. The crew focus more on quietness and stealth so run at a much lower register than most ships of their size. The ship build is for getting away rather than fighting.  
"The crew swear at every large boon; you can hear the ship groan with excitement, as if she's happy!"
  The Green Knight is not a magical ship, apart from the enchantment on the hull. The ship does contain a lot of magical people and an abundance of treasure. The ship's use is as a treasure hunting vessel rather than a seek and destroy type of pirate ship. They search for treasure in sunken caves and lost islands, found along the coastline. Normal people didn't dare to look in the places the Green Knight would.   The crew of the Green Knight cannot breathe underwater, but use a series of hooks and nets to pull treasure from under the sand. If the crew needs to explore a sunken cave, they send in a few people at a time. They use a mixture of diving gear made in Banshaw Edge with the purpose to help breathe underwater.

Power Generation

The Green Knight has no specific power generation other than using the waves itself to direct it. Captain Gawain has had conversations about getting a mechanical engine with The Jade Guard Engineers. This has not been agreed upon by any of the parties involved. Captain Gawain believes in the traditional values of ship sailing. This has meant that the thought of having an engine goes against this. The conversations to further this discussion are on hold due to the current civil war. Captain Gawain is on the side of neutral so cannot speak to any of the artificers. This is due to most of them being on the side of Banshaw Edge.


The Green Knight is wind propelled by the large sails that are attached to its main mast and the small masts. The sails are set up on a pulley system on many ropes attached to the sides of the ship. The ship uses the traditional method of sails to propel itself rather than relying on magic to move. The entire fleet of ships under Captain Gawain use manual sails and pulley systems. All the crew train to understand when to lower and raise the sails, what angle to move them to and how to deal with storms.

Weapons & Armament

The Green Knight holds cannons in the hull of the ship. Four are found either side of the ship, ready to fire at anything should the need arise. The cannons are not the most fancy of weapons for a ship but they are sturdy and always reliable. They have the best reliability of firing compared to all the ships in the fleet. The hull was recently reinforced with magic and strong wood after a battle with Captain Kat and her ship, Dead on the Water.    There is a multitude of flammable liquids on board that are often use as weapons. The liquids are not protected from flames in any way other than common sense. There is also a large stash of weapons found in the storage that crew are able to grab at a moment's notice. The crew of the ship are all trained fighters in various capacity. Even the youngest crew members learn how to battle and train in sword fighting.

Armor and defense

The Green Knight has a magical reinforced hull that has a treatment to lessen damage done to it. The magical effects protect it from water damage, acid damage and fire damage. It has also has reinforced wood and steel in the hull to protect it from physical damage. Since this upgrade, the hull of the Green Knight has had no penetration from any weapon or natural damage. It is built to withstand battering from the elements and the creatures from the deep. The ship is built to run fast and be hit less. It does not engage in warfare if it can escape from it.
Creation Date
8th of Prinodeb 20 BTU
Owning Organization
Current location

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