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Captain Kat

"We all get a little lost sometimes. It's just about finding the good treasure in the lost parts."
  Captain Kat of Dead on the Water is perhaps the most infamous of the pirates of the Arrasgoth seas. She sails under the banner of The Green Knights but also does some work for Peregrine Bay. She originally tried to run her ship by herself but after a run in with both a coven of hags and The Beacons of Hope, she is now part of Captain Gawain's fleet.   Her ship is known as Dead on the Water and originally was run by a dead crew. However, she has since taken on a live crew of mostly women and sails the seas doing odd jobs for Captain Gawain, or searching for treasure for herself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Captain Katheryn Hammett was born in Sauville to a set of artistic human parents. She was a loud, brash child that ran headfirst into most things, especially if it meant she could get her hands on something shiny. She often took to petty theft to get what she wanted and would be reprimanded by her parents when she did. Eventually she left home to do what she wanted and joined up with the Peregrine Bay pirates.   She soon worked her way up to getting her own ship but grew concerned that her crew might leave her or die, causing her to lose them. She found a coven of hags who offered to give her what she wanted in exchange for a lock of her hair. She gave the hair easily and was granted a crew that would never leave her; a crew of undead.    After having a run in with the Beacons of Hope, she ended up being roped in to The Green Knights and pledging her allegiance to them. She had been originally sent by Lord Orion Winthrope to take out Captain Gawain but it did not work in her favour. After the hags were killed, she was given back her ship in its former glory and she took on her current crew.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
6th of Etefin
Year of Birth
23 BTU 1025 Years old
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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