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Sauville is a medium sized town in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the North of Alma. The town lies at a crossroads on many of the major roads within the Usma Region  The town is a factory settlement that focuses on the creation and design of glass and stained glass.  


Sauville is a mixed race settlement with no one race more popular than another. However, most of the settlers in the town come from a creative background to help inspire the stained glass they create.  


Sauville is run as a feudalist settlement and the lord's family have owned this land since the founding of the settlement. There are the occasional grumblings but the current lord's fascination with art keeps most of the population content.  

Industry & Trade

Sauville bases its industry on the creation and sales of glass across of Arrasgoth. They are the main manufacturer of glass and their workshop set ups keeps them constantly busy making orders. All of their glass is made custom to the specifications of the person that ordered it.  


The infrastructure of Sauville is focused on the creation of glass for a variety of different uses. The town itself is covered with beautifully decorated stained glass windows. The church stands out as almost the entire building is made out of stained glass.  

Natural Resources

Sauville is not far from the coast so has access to salt water that they process through evaporation into fresh water in their town. They have access to fishing for food and are not far from Vivid Marsh so can use wood gathered from the edge of the marsh to build with.  
Founding Date
832 BTU

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