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Usma Region (Uzz-Ma)

The Usma Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the Mid South of the continent. It is found as part of the mainland continent and is bordered by the sea to the South. The Usma Region is largely inhabited by a variety of races but holds the largest settlement of dragonborn in Arrasgoth in the Vivid Marsh.


The Usma Region is a wet, humid region with a large marsh found in the centre of the region. The Vivid Marsh is the biggest marsh in Arrasgoth and covers around half of the region. The region's terrain is half swampland and half grassland, with a few overlapping areas mixed together around the edges of the Vivid Marsh. It is easily accessible in most areas but the Vivid Marsh is extremely deadly if you do not know your way through it or have a guide.


The ecosystem of the Usma Region is focused predominantly around the treacherous land of the swamps in the middle. The ecosystem around the outskirts of the swamp is relatively tame and average for most of Arrasgoth.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Usma Region is affected by the seasons as most areas are in Arrasgoth. Due to the humid nature of the marshland, the region doesn't have much of a variation in temperature and weather during the seasons, but there's some difference depending on the season it is. The creatures that live in the swamp tend to be predatorial and territorial, and the food chain is very viciously followed.

Localized Phenomena

The most important localised phenomena of the Usma Region is the large swampland that is found in the middle. Other than this, very little localized phenomena changes within the region.


The Usma Region is most known historically for being the birthplace of the dragonborn race. Other than that, very little has happened in the area so far to warrant historical recording.
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