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Sarzon is a small village in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Talles and the North of Prosperity Bay. It is on the main road that leads between Prosperity Bay and Hamlet on Casia Main.   The village is a retreat that provides a settlement for particularly gifted artisans to create sculptures and masterworks to put on display.


Sarzon is one of the newest settlements in Arrasgoth and is more of a holiday retreat than a permanent settlement. A lot of the population stay for no longer than a few months and come from all all areas of Arrasgoth and are of many different races.


There is no government in place at Sarzon at this time as it is more of a holiday camp, though there is a family of dwarves that tend to the village all year round.

Industry & Trade

Sarzon generates most of its trade through rent of the housing that is found there for resting artists. It also takes a small percentage of any sculpture or masterwork that is sold there to help keep it afloat. The money goes to the dwarven family that take care of the village.


The infrastructure of Sarzon is focused on providing a retreat for artists and as a chance to display their masterworks, sculptures and carvings.

Natural Resources

Sarzon is not far from Prosperity Bay so has access to trade routes out of the port. They also have access to a large farm which the dwarven family tend to in order to feed the artisans that live there.  
Sarzon AI Generation by MidJourney
Founding Date
46 BTU
Location under
Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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