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Riondin is a small village to the North of Arrasgoth, found on the border of the Reswin Region and the Wasten Region. It is on the main road that leads between Hamlet on Casia Main and Inham Farms.   The village is known for the selling of custom wagons and other land vehicles for merchants and farms across Arrasgoth.


Riondin has a predominantly human population, but there is a small percentage of halflings that have based themselves there after branching out from Hamlet on Casia Main. They are open to any kind of settler in their village as long as they are willing to lend a hand.


Riondin has a feudalist government and is actually overseen by the nearby lord of Hamlet on Casia Main. They pay a percentage of their earnings to the lord every month to continue to live and work in the village. There are grumblings in the town about the way the lord treats them but nothing has been done about this.

Industry & Trade

Riondin trades in wagons and carts, and other vehicles. They gain a lot of money from the main route as there are often adventurers, merchants and labourers who need transport along the main road. They also have a large stable of horses that they supply as another stream of revenue for the village.


The infrastructure of Riondin is predominantly focused on making a reliable service for trading their vehicles to others. They have made their roads easy to test carts on and have changed their settlement to be easily accessible along the main road. The population are entirely working class thanks to the heavy leanings of their lord.

Natural Resources

Riondin is on a major trade route so is able to get access to a lot of their supplies from this. They are not far from Casia Forest so they are able to get wood for building easily.  
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Founding Date
656 BTU
Location under
Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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