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Bronze Slopes

""The view is just beautiful, and the slopes are ok too."
— Resident from Redam
  The Bronze Slopes are a mountain range that is found to the North West of Arrasgoth. It is closest to Skarvengar at the top of the mountains and Redam at the bottom of the range. It is easily accessed from Redam but it is more treacherous to journey around the top.   The Bronze Slopes get their name from the colour of the stone the mountains are made of. The name was actually given colloquially by the goliaths of Skarvengar as they needed a landmark for other goliaths to find them. They chose to name it by the colour to distinguish them from the rest of the mountains of Arrasgoth. The water that runs from the slopes also has a metallic taste compared to other areas of water on the continent due to the high consistency of bronze found there.   No one has been able to find the actual deposits of bronze ore inside of the mountains. There have been many expeditions but despite the colour of the mountain and the taste of bronze in the water, there appear to be no visible signs of the metal. Many believe that it may be an illusionary trick by one of the gods.
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