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Liscarn is a large town to the North of Arrasgoth, found to the West of Hamlet on Casia Main on the main road that leads to Cardnum. It is found within the Reswin Region.   The large town is known for its knowledge of various trade skills and the exchange of books on the subject. They are very popular with The Scholars as they are able to share important knowledge with each other.


Liscarn has a mixed race population with no particular race being more dominant. Most of the population are working class labourers or students studying to become labourers. There are a handful of upper class educators within the town but they view themselves at the same level of everyone else.


Liscarn is run with a feudalist system and are ruled over by the ruling Winthrope family from Hamlet on Casia Main. Most do not appreciate being run by a lord and wish to be their own democracy.

Industry & Trade

Liscarn trades in teaching and inputting knowledge on trade skills that can be used in other settlements. Their main source of income comes from those wishing to learn and paying for the opportunity to train with some of the best on the continent.


The infrastructure of Liscarn is focused on the training and input of knowledge of the major trade skills within Arrasgoth such as woodworking, blacksmithing and so forth. Their large town is built around the training so there are plenty of workshops and open fields for this. There is also a library that houses a wide variety of trade skill books and a Scholars outpost is here also.

Natural Resources

Liscarn is on a main road that leads to Hamlet on Casia Main so has easy access to a lot of resources from there. The town is also near roads that lead to the large waters of Thornwood Falls so can get access to fresh water.  
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Founding Date
130 BTU
Large town
Location under
Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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