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Saltmoor is a temporary mining camp to the North of Arrasgoth, found at the top of Cloudcrest Lake. The village is not far from the Northern coast of the continent. It is one of the more isolated camps and is removed during the winter seasons due to the harsher weather commitments.   The camp focuses on mining the salt reserves on the edge of Cloudcrest Lake to distribute at the market in Purgatory.  


Saltmoor has a mixed composition of races due to the nature of the temporary camp but the population is normally made up of those born with natural strength. The people are normally labourers and practical workers over those in a more sedentary job.  


There is no real government in place in Saltmoor due to its temporary nature but they normally have a foreman appointed from Egomont. In recent years, they have assembled and appointed their own foreman from amongst themselves.  

Industry & Trade

Saltmoor trades in the major market that has recently moved to Purgatory and nowhere else. There is salt distribution from the market itself that traverses across Arrasgoth as a whole.  


The infrastructure of Saltmoor is focused on mining salt out of the banks of Cloudcrest Lake and everything is built temporarily. The settlement is normally inhabited for around nine months of the year and stops in the Winter months.  

Natural Resources

The main natural resource at Saltmoor is the salt banks around the edge of Cloudcrest Lake . They have access to fresh water and the open ocean so are able to travel easy enough around the edge of the continent.  
Founding Date
644 BTU
Camp, Temporary
Location under
Every time I come back I think "I'm going to have such big pay!" but when I leave I think "I never want to see another grain of salt for as long as I live!"
— A constantly returning worker to a new worker
(7th Tomideb 0 UOK)

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