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Quickbarrow is a large village in the North of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Lakeharbor and North East of the mercenary camp, Purgatory  The village is a farming settlement that focuses on creating coloured dyes out of plants and flowers. Their dyes are sent continent-wide.   


Quickbarrow is predominantly elven though there is a sprinkling of other races within the population. They are a friendly settlement but can be quite arrogant which causes some friction between Quickbarrow and the other nearby settlements. Most of the population work on creating the dyes and cultivating the land, though there are a few hunters that venture into the woods.  


Quickbarrow is run as a democracy and a new leader is elected every thirty years due to the longevity of the elvish race. Anyone is able to put themselves forward but the decision is most often based on likeability rather than any policies. This has caused a fluctuation over the years in regards to product quality and quantity.   

Industry & Trade

Quickbarrow sells dyes that they package to deliver to all of the main regions of Arrasgoth, though they have yet to sell across the sea to any of the islands. Their dyes are used for colouring fabrics, cattle and hair predominantly, though some have been used in the production of makeup. They trade under the name Barrow Colouration.


The infrastructure of Quickbarrow is focused on the constant creation of dyes. They create dyes in a large quantity so most of the profit they generate goes back into the cultivation of the farms. The houses are quite run down compared to the constant upgrade of the farming equipment.  

Natural Resources

Quickbarrow is quite far from fresh water but has access to some of the major settlements in the Wasten region due to being on a main road. They have a trade connection with Purgatory which gives them access to the fresh water that is drawn up into wells nearby.  
Founding Date
696 BTU
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