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Casia Forest

"Casia Forest probably holds the most squirrels and most gnomes out of any forest in Arrasgoth."
— One gnome to another in Finder's Glen
  Casia Forest is the biggest forest in Arrasgoth and is spread across four different regions. The main bulk of Casia Forest can be found in the Wasten Region. It has no road that leads through it but the roads do circle the landmark. It is extremely dense and difficult to see through unless you know what you are looking for. It has two settlements hidden inside of it, Cedar Wilds which has been abandoned, and Finder's Glen, a gnome settlement.   Casia Forest gets its name from the types of trees that are grown inside of the forest itself. Cassia trees are a type of multi-trunked tree that grow golden flowers from their branches. They are great not only for decoration and for herbalism, but also for hiding in. The gnome who named the forest made a spelling mistake when naming the forest, hence it being called 'Casia Forest' instead of using the double 's'.   Casia Forest serves as a living, breathing ecosystem for a lot of the settlements in and around it. It provides wood, fresh water and animals that can be hunted. It also provides a wide variety of plants and flowers that can be used for medicinal and recreational purposes.
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