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#02 - The Pains of Lake Side Report

General Summary

After the disaster and plane shifting of the ball, Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu, Alfyn Weis, Freya Holliend, Jebediah 'Jeb' Winthrope and Harlin Wyllt head out of Hamlet on Casia Main towards the direction of Egomont as that is the biggest city in Arrasgoth and a good place to start figuring out the next steps.   On the way through Casia Forest, they came across a bunch of bandits who they dealt with swiftly after finding a body of a gnome wrapped up and hidden away. It turned out that the bandits actually had performed burial rights rather than having killed him. The gnome had a letter on him that was addressed to refugees further in the forest. They decided to try and find these refugees, but instead found a very sorry state of a camp with a large settlement of gnomes.   After speaking to the gnome leader, Kelston, they discovered that they had been moved from their previous town due to being attacked by newcomers in the forest, and that something was living in the lake that they had been living nearby. The group set off to investigate and discovered there was a banshee living in the lake. Almost dying in the process, they managed to defeat the banshee and helped the gnomes move back into their old, and new, settlement, helping them to name it as Finder's Glen.
Report Date
15 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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