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Hamlet on Casia Main

Hamlet on Casia Main is a small town in the North of Arrasgoth, on a crossroad between Inham Farms, Cardnum and Prosperity Bay. It is one of the major stopping points for anyone travelling around the Western side of the continent.   The hamlet is a town, despite its name, and does not have a trade of its own. The town earns its money mostly from their lord and they earn their keep by tending the land, protecting him and spending time travelling between his other settlements.


Hamlet on Casia Main is predominantly halfling in population though there are a handful of humans and elves that have settled there. Most of the population have lived there since the founding of the town and a handful are related to the lord himself.


Hamlet on Casia Main is run by a feudalist system but the people earn their money from the lord rather than needing to pay him themselves. Most are happy with this arrangement but some would prefer for the hamlet to be run in a more diplomatic manner as the lord and his descendants can be fanatical about money and what they want.


Hamlet on Casia Main is defended by the guards employed by the Winthrope family but is not the most heavily guarded town. The guards can handle most skirmishes at the borders but would struggle against a fully prepared army or mercenary crew.


The infrastructure of Hamlet on Casia Main is focused on maintaining a base of operations for the Winthrope family and their slowly growing settlement empire. The population are either employed by them to protect them or to work for them to keep the settlements running.

Natural Resources

Hamlet on Casia Main is found on a major road crossway and has access to most of the major towns and cities so they are able to get access to most resources. They are on the edge of Casia Forest as well so have access to wood at all times.  
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