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Gisia is a village in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the South West of Alma. The village lies on minor roads between a few settlements in the Usma Region.   The town is an urban settlement that is famous for the painted artwork they produce for the upper classes.


Gisia is predominantly high elf in population and this is obvious from the architecture of the village. The high elves that live here tend to be from the upper class and come from a large amount of money.  


Gisia is run as a gerontocracy and the current leader has been in place for 100 years. There have been rumours that there is a plan to perform a coup on the leader, but this is not confirmed.  

Industry & Trade

Gisia does have a niche trade selling paintings to other rich nobles in Arrasgoth. Their paintings are created to the highest quality and sell for thousands of gold at a time. There are never lacking in profit but trade is not the major lifeline of this town.


The infrastructure of Gisia is focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing upper class retirement village. They do create beautiful paintings for other members of the upper class but they do not focus their time on trade. They have made sure their village is self-sustaining at all times.   

Natural Resources

Gisia is not far from Cloudcrest Lake so has access to fresh water easily. They have a small amount of trees surrounding the area so have access to wood and foraging. They grow their own food in a small farm in the centre of the village.  
Founding Date
360 BTU
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