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Beaufort is a small town in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the North East of Honeyacre. The town lies on the major road that lies between Prosperity Bay and Egomont.   The town is a crafting settlement that focuses on the creation of cans and jars for foods and preservatives.


Beaufort is predominantly human and elf in population though there are other races that settle there. They are friendly to outsiders but there is some concern due to a recent issue with a missing bard.  


Beaufort has a municipal government in place and the mayor has been somewhat more concerned with parties and balls than the murders that take place within his walls. There is a slowly growing faction that are aiming to overthrow the mayor.  

Industry & Trade

Beaufort bases its trade on the making of jars and cans for food and preservatives. They ship empty containers to all of the major settlements in Arrasgoth. However, due to the current mayor's obsession with partying, there's not much trade coming out of Beaufort at all.  


The infrastructure of Beaufort is focused of high living and partying more than anything due to the influence of the current mayor. They do have a trade but this has been lacking due to the rumours of murders and missing people. The town is built out of well made stones and woods to be as elegantly looking as possible.  


The biggest incident that has occurred in Beaufort was the recent death of famous bard, Vulmon Longroot, who was murdered in the middle of the town. He was involved with Princess Josephine, considered to be married to her, and they have a daughter together. She recently left the town with her daughter in a hurry in the direction of Prosperity Bay.  

Natural Resources

Beaufort is on the edge of Casia Forest so has a lot of access to wood, foraging and hunting. They are on a major road so are able to get goods from the major towns quickly.   
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855 BTU
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