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Honeyacre is a small hamlet in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the South West of Beaufort. The town lies just off of the main road that links Prosperity Bay and Egomont.   The town is farming settlement that raises bees for the collection of honey.  


Honeyacre has a population of halflings and gnomes only, though they do welcome anyone else to settle there if they wish to. Everything is built for the smaller races so finding somewhere to stay if you are above five foot is tricky.   


Honeyacre is run as a democracy and a new leader is chosen at every turn of the season. No one is allowed to be the leader more than once so there are constant fresh ideas being brought in.  

Industry & Trade

Honeyacre, as its name suggests, focuses on the trade of honey for medicinal, culinary and alchemical purposes. They don't actively trade with any place but other settlements come to them to get supplies.   


The infrastructure of Honeyacre is focused on the raising and breeding of bees. The town appears to be almost entirely covered in smoke on harvesting days to keep the bees placid and large smokers are built all the way around the edge of the town under trees.  

Natural Resources

Honeyacre is close to the main road so has easy transport between the two major settlements. It is also close to Casia Forest so is able to get access to wood for trees and to create saplings.
Founding Date
591 BTU
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