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Brookchar is a very small hamlet in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Honeyacre and the North of Prosperity Bay. It is on the main road that leads between Prosperity Bay and Egomont.   The town is a mining settlement that focuses on the excavating of marble for use in building and crafting works.  


Brookchar is a newly settled site, having been a temporary camp before for the extraction of marble. There are only a handful of families that live within Brookchar and they are all humans and orcs, with a few half-orcs born recently.  


There is no government in place at Brookchar at this point in time. It has yet to establish how the people want their town to be run. There is currently debate over whether to have an established leader or not.  

Industry & Trade

Brookchar trades in marble but this has only really been in play over the last 50 years. The orc members of their population carry the marble to the port of Prosperity Bay and deliver it to major ports around Arrasgoth to be traded from there.  


The infrastructure of Brookchar is currently focused on the excavation of marble and the building of the hamlet. As they are under 50 years old, they have not had a lot of time to establish themselves as a real community and the houses are somewhat temporary right now.  

Natural Resources

Brookchar is not far from Prosperity Bay so has access to trade routes out of the port. They also have access to salt water which they can turn into fresh water, but there's also a well in the process of being built.  
Founding Date
38 BTU
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